Security means self-confidence: elderly people and seniors feel safer thanks to the Limmex emergency watch. Security at the push of a button: immediate help thanks to the Limmex emergency watch. Security at work thanks to the Limmex emergency watch. The Limmex Emergency Watch: The world’s simplest security system. Security gives self-confidence: thanks to the Limmex emergency watch, sports people can immediately trigger the alarm in case of an accident. Security at home and on the go: in an emergency, the Limmex emergency watch works everywhere and always. Security means self-confidence: the Limmex emergency watch enables people with health problems to live independently. Security at the push of a button. In an emergency, always and everywhere – no matter where you are. Mobile phones for seniors: Outdated gadgets. World first: the Limmex emergency watch is the world's first watch with which you can trigger an alarm in an emergency at the push of a button. Security means self-confidence: with the Limmex emergency watch, children can trigger the alarm in an emergency at the push of a button. Swiss made: the Limmex emergency watch is made completely in Switzerland. translation missing: en.pages.front_page.images.alt_text_12 translation missing: en.pages.front_page.images.alt_text_13

The revolutionary emergency watch

With the Limmex Emergency Watch you can request assistance at the push of a button. Thanks to the built-in loudspeaker and microphone you can speak directly to the person called.

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Limmex News

Limmex Emergency Watches now available in the United Kingdom

November 13, 2014: Since the Limmex launch on the 31st of October the Limmex Emergency Watch is finally available in the United Kingdom. In collaboration with our partner Centra, one of the biggest telecare operators in the United Kingdom, the Limmex Emergency Watch gradually starts conquering the English market.

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New: Limmex Emergency Watches with GPS

October 15, 2014:

Receive help even quicker thanks to GPS positioning

Communicating with people in an emergency can be fraught with problems, e.g. disorientation. This costs valuable minutes and delays the arrival of rescue services. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the new GPS models from Limmex. The latest generation of integrated, high performance GPS models (A-GPS) enables Limmex wearers to quickly pinpoint their location via satellite when not in a building.

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Limmex in the media

«It's a watch.»


«Using the Limmex watch is a breeze, the design impressively elegant.»


«A Swiss technology breakthrough.»

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Limmex Partner

Limmex is building up partnerships in other countries.

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