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Enjoy life, we take care of your safety.

Limmex emergency Watch

The smallest emergency call watch with a battery life of up to one week

Configure a personalized Emergency Watch

Emergency call button Feelsafe

With the clever emergency call button Feelsafe from Limmex you can call for help in an emergency from anywhere at any time at the touch of a button.

More information about the emergency call button

Limmex home emergency call device Staysafe

The elegant home emergency call device that brings generations together thanks to video calls.

Stay in contact with your loved ones

The constant companion who can save your life

Limmex emergency call devices are discreet and efficient. They always carry the FEELSAFE emergency call clock or trailer with them, at home or on the move. In the event of an emergency, accident, fall or malaise, you trigger the alarm at the touch of a finger and receive immediate help. Functions simply and absolutely reliably. And gives you and your relatives security. Around the clock.

Simple and reliable

Simple, easy, uncomplicated: this is the maxim for all Limmex emergency call devices. In an emergency, everything has to work quickly and reliably.

Fast and precise

But above all: That's why the handling is very simple, especially in times of need. You simply press the emergency button. In just a few seconds a call is made to the stored contacts or to the emergency call centre, and you can call for help via the built-in microphone and loudspeaker.

Durable and waterproof

The battery standby time of the Limmex emergency call devices lasts until a whole week. If you forget to recharge, there's no reason to get excited! The Limmex emergency call devices are also waterproof or splash-proof..

Safe and uncomplicated

We give you a two-year guarantee on Limmex emergency call devices. And if you have decided on one of the emergency call devices and then notice in daily use that perhaps the other emergency call device would have been the right one: Then simply make use of the right of return within 14 days.

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Questions and Answers about the emergency call devices

Why a emergency device when I do have a cell phone?

In contrast to a mobile phone, you wear the Limmex emergency call clock or the FEELSAFE emergency call button permanently on your body. And always stays within reach. A single push of a button is all it takes to get a chain of emergency calls up and running that is adapted to the situation. On a mobile phone, it takes much longer to initiate a call.