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United Kingdom

Would you like to become part of the Limmex success story?

After its great success on the market, Limmex is establishing partnerships in additional countries.

Partner organisations can easily configure and update the following parameters:

What should happen if the button of the Limmex Watch is pushed?

These are various options, e.g.:

  • Call to a permanently available emergency call centre.
  • Sequential calling of numbers chosen by the customer. Answering machines etc. are circumvented automatically.
  • Sequential calling of numbers chosen by the customer. If nobody answers, connection to a 24-hour emergency call centre.
  • Setting up a conference call with multiple people.
  • Automatically send pre-configured emails, SMS, voicemails etc.

Flexible settings for your organisation

  • Should end customers be able to enter and change the settings on their own?
  • Who should have access to the GSM-localisation data?
  • The battery of the watch will run for several months under normal conditions. Should an automatic email or SMS be sent in case of low battery? Or is it sufficient if the watch starts to flash?
  • Would you like to have a specific watch design (e.g., with your logo)?
  • How often should the watch do an automatic self test?
  • Should one be able to call the watch or should the watch be activated only by pushing the button?
  • ...

    We would be pleased to assist you in defining the most effective settings and configuration for your business or customers.


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