Frequently asked questions about the Limmex Emergency Watch

Please find below answers to the questions we hear most frequently. If your question is not answered, we are happy to receive it by email (> Write an email) or by phone via our customer service: 0041 (0) 44 542 93 22.

Before purchase

> Why do I need an emergency watch if I already have a mobile phone?

Unlike a mobile phone, a wristwatch is always within reach. Pushing one button is enough to set off an emergency alarm chain.

The battery of the watch lasts for months, while a mobile phone needs to be recharged frequently.

Research shows that there is no better position for a personal emergency system than the wrist.

> Can I use the Limmex Watch also for normal telephone calls?

With the exception of a monthly emergency call test, the emergency call function of the Limmex Watch must be used only in emergency situations. Please refer to the provisions in the subscription contract.

> How good is the voice quality of the Limmex Watch?

The loudspeaker and microphone built into the watch have been miniaturised to a high degree.

Nevertheless, the voice quality is classified as “good” by Limmex clients. The sound quality is best if the user speaks into the micro at a distance of 20-30 cm.

> Do I require a mobile phone subscription for the Limmex Emergency Watch?

Yes. To be able to use the alarm function, after buying the watch, a subscription has to be made. Subscriptions are only available at Limmex. There is a built-in miniature SIM-chip inside the Limmex Watch which cannot be exchanged. End customers do not have to worry about a mobile phone subscription or phone charges – this is all integrated in the Limmex service.

> Who should be called in case of an emergency?

You need to specify upfront who should be called in an emergency situation and in what order (see «Configuration of contact persons» on the right). Consider your personal needs when deciding which people would be best suited to receive an emergency call. These may be people from your private life (family members, friends, neighbours, etc.), your professional life (company’s reception, security officials, etc.) or from the medical environment (your company's switchboard, security services, etc.) or from the medical profession (family doctor, medical emergency call centre, etc.). Please inform teh persons selected that they may receive an emergency call.

Depending on partner organisations, different services at different cost will be provided. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be updated about news in your country.

> Where can I buy the Limmex Emergency Watch?

It's possible to buy the Limmex Emergency Watch via the official sales outlets or the Limmex web shop.

How it works

> Where does the Limmex Watch work?

The Limmex Watch uses the available mobile phone networks. Depending on the country, close to 100% of populated areas are covered. Its use cannot always be guaranteed, however, particularly in more remote areas and in cellars, garages, etc. For further information, please consult the user manual.

> Where can I use the Limmex Emergency Watch?

As the Limmex Watch uses whatever mobile network that is available, it works wherever mobile coverage is provided. The area of use is defined in your subscription manual. The Limmex Watch may be used only within this area.

> How frequent are false alarms?

Limmex has invested greatly in preventing false alarms. When the emergency call button is pressed, a beep will sound for 15 seconds. You can cancel the alarm during these 15 seconds by pressing the emergency call button again. Furthermore, by installing the emergency call button on the right side of the watch case, triggering of false alarms is reduced.

> Can I call the Limmex Emergency Watch?

It is not possible to make calls to a Limmex Watch in normal operation.

Exception: Once you have triggered an emergency call, calls can be made to the watch over a period of 30 minutes in order to ensure that the required help is provided. Your Limmex Watch will accept incoming calls automatically during this period.

However, these settings can be changed flexibly according to the needs of partner organisations and end customers.

> Why does the watch beep at regular intervals?

The Limmex Watch has no wireless coverage.

The Limmex system is programmed in this way to make people in the vicinity aware of the emergency if the watch has no wireless coverage in an emergency situation.

In order to stop it use the charger to connect the watch to a mains socket or press the emergency call button for at least 5 seconds.


> Is it possible to localise the Limmex Watch?

Based on our experience in Switzerland, it is possible for the wearer of the Limmex Watch to inform the called persons about his/her location in almost all cases.

Limmex offers additional options for organisations. For further information (> write an email).

Limmex Watches with GPS can be located by individual persons and/or emergency response centres. Limmex Watches with GPS can be located by individual persons and/or emergency response centres. After an alarm has been triggered, a connection to GPS satellites is automatically established to pinpoint the location of the watch. When a registered helper accepts an emergency call, he then receives an SMS with a link to a map. When the helper opens the map, he can see the location of the Limmex Watch at the time of the most recent emergency call.

The watch wearer can also send the link in advance via email to anybody he wishes.

The watch will only be located after an emergency call has been made.

> Limmex Watch with GPS: How long does it take for the receiver of the emergency call to receive an SMS?

It normally takes up to four minutes until the receiver of the emergency call receives an SMS. Depending on the length of the emergency call, the SMS may be received during the conversation or afterwards.

> Limmex Watch with GPS: The receiver of the emergency call has not received an SMS

1. An SMS is only sent when GPS localization can be performed. In order to perform GPS localisation, the Limmex Watch requires visual contact to GPS satellites. Visual contact may be broken due to a variety of reasons, for example when you trigger an emergency call inside a building or are situated between high buildings.

2. The telephone of the receiver of the emergency call cannot receive an SMS. The position of your watch will nevertheless be displayed on the map, which can be opened online using the link that you sent by email.

> Limmex Watch with GPS: What happens when the receiver of the emergency call cannot or has not received an SMS?

The receiver of the emergency call should always enquire about the location of the watch wearer during an emergency call. When an emergency call is recalled on the watch (within 30 minutes of an emergency call being made), a localisation is performed again. The receiver of the emergency call receives an SMS when GPS localisation is successful.

In order for the receiver of the emergency call to see the position of the watch even without an SMS, we recommend that you send the link to the map to all the people who could help you. This allows them to access the map online at any time. When GPS localisation cannot be performed during an emergency call but GSM localization can, the GSM coordinates will be displayed on your map.

> Limmex Watch with GPS: The receiver of the emergency call cannot open the link in the SMS

This can occur when the phone of the receiver of the emergency call does not have internet access or is not supported by the SMS app. Alternatively, the link can be copied and opened via the mobile phone‘s internet app.

> Limmex Watch with GPS: An older localisation is displayed in the map even though a new alarm was triggered

Localisation cannot be performed in each and every case, as it depends on the technology used and the potential databases of third party providers. When localisation cannot be performed during an emergency call, the last possible localisation will be displayed on the map.

Other considerations

> How and when can I cancel my subscription?

The cancellation period is defined in the subscription manual.

> Changing the strap

You can obtain replacement straps for Limmex Watches at any watch dealer. Metal straps cannot be used for technical reasons.

> Does the Limmex Watch have a rechargeable battery?

Yes, the battery of the Limmex Watch can be recharged. Without emergency, this should be done every few months. For security reasons, Limmex suggests to recharge the battery after an emergency call.

On the dial, a red light will begin to flash as soon as the battery is low. If the battery is not recharged within 24 hours thereafter, it is possible to trigger an automatic SMS or email to designated person(s).

> What is the size of the Limmex Watch?

The height oft the watch case is 14mm, the diameter 41mm. With these dimensions, the watch meets the proportions of classic watches such as a Rolex GMT-Master or an Omega Speedmaster Professional.

With a weight of 46 grams, the watch is surprisingly light despite its metal casing.

> Could the released GSM-radiation be harmful?

The mobile phone part of the Limmex Watch is only active for a short period during an emergency. As a result, the release of radiation from a Limmex Watch is far lower than that of a normal mobile phone.

> Is the Limmex Watch waterproof?

The Limmex Watch is resistant to splash water and may be worn when showering. Even though the watch may be used within the bath facilities, it is neither to be kept under water while taking a bath nor to be placed in humid areas for a long time. Should the watch be exposed to humidity or water, the alarm button and the time winder need to stay in default position to prevent water flowing into the watch case.

> Where can I find the serial number of my Limmex Watch?

You can find this information on two places: On the label on the front of the subscription manual. Or by closing the bottom of your watch (turn counterclockwise).


This is how the battery of the Limmex Watch can be recharged, so that in an emergency the alarm is triggered immediately.

Recharge battery

The battery of the Limmex Watch will run for several months under normal conditions. The film shows how easy it is to recharge.

This is how to enter the contact numbers to be called in case of an emergency into the system.

Configuration of contact persons

You decide who should be called in case of an emergency. You can transmit us your personal information by entering them directly through the internet: the film shows how simple this is.