Limmex means safety, simplicity and style:


  • Complete mobility: Emergency calls can be triggered from wherever you are
  • The watch is always within reach, day and night
  • Best possible coverage: the watch can access all available mobile phone networks
  • Localisation both inside and outside of buildings


  • Pushing a button is enough to set off an emergency alarm chain
  • No technical installation is required
  • Ultra-low electricity consumption: the battery will last for several months under normal conditions
  • Simple way of communication: you can speak directly to the contact person(s)


  • Elegant wristwatch which is not perceived as a security system
  • Attractive choice of watch models
  • Manufactured in Switzerland according to the finest tradition of Swiss watchmakers' art


The advantages of the Limmex emergency watch compared with in-house emergency call systems, TeleAlarm or mobile phones for seniors: security, simplicity and style

See how Limmex differentiates itself from conventional personal security solutions.