With the Limmex emergency watch, doormen, foresters, filling station attendants, jewellers and other employees can trigger the alarm in an emergency at the push of a button. This increases the safety in the workplace.

Limmex Emergency Watch: more security at work

Not everyone is a bouncer in a club. There are however a great number of other jobs where security is a central issue – these include employees of 24h petrol stations as well as shift workers, forestry employees, jewelers and emergency doctors.

Technical aids such as surveillance systems and alarm systems, radio and person in danger signal systems are today standard within many companies and organisations. What is missing is a simple and discreet system that will connect the employee with pre-defined numbers at the push of a button without putting limitations on the mobility and comfort of the employee.

With a Limmex Emergency Watch your employees will always have their personal alarm call with them during their work. They will be able to call without delay for assistance during uncomfortable situations. An installation of radio or other communications systems is not necessary. The required settings can normally be carried out within a few minutes. It could not be any easier.


Christian Müller, managing director of Motcom, shows where the Limmex Emergency Watch can improve safety in the workplace.

Christian Müller

Managing Director Motcom

Motcom is a leading distributor of security and communication systems in Switzerland. Christian Müller presents the applications of Limmex in the professional area.

Forestry accidents

Per 1000 full time employees in the forestry branch, around 300 accidents are registered annually. In addition to other safety measures it is essential for forestry employees in an emergency situation to always have communication equipment at hand. (Suva, 2010/11)

Protection for lone workers

Lone workers must always have the possibility to contact other persons with the assistance of modern communication equipment (Suva, 2004)

Robberies on companies

In Germany the Police reported that in the year 2009 there were 4‘674 robberies on companies, in many cases violence was also used. Particularly susceptible to robberies are grocery stores and pharmacies followed by petrol stations (DGUV Work & Health, 2010)

Violence against the police

In 2009 almost every German policeman was affected by aggression. This includes verbal attacks, pushing, shoving and grabbing. 25% were punched or kicked. Every seventh officer was threatened with a weapon. (Lutz, 2010)