The Limmex emergency watch is suitable for seniors and elderly people who live alone.

Limmex Emergency Watch for elderly people

Most elderly persons would like to live for as long as possible in their own home. A great number of them still have good health but nevertheless realize that the risk of falling, feeling unwell, dizziness or suffering from other health problems increases substantially with age. Many of them would like to own a device which offers them security without limiting their individual lifestyles.

Traditional domestic emergency call systems only partially fulfill the requirements of this target group. Monitoring is only guaranteed inside the home – this is in spite of the fact that many older people remain mobile well into old age. In addition, traditional emergency call systems are complicated to operate because of their costly installation and their great number of technical alarms – and their design is unsatisfactory.

With Limmex it is possible to solve most of these problems: the product offers security also outside the home, it is technically considerably easier than current solutions and due to the convincing watch collection it meets even high demands on design and aesthetics.

Interviews Users/Experts

After an emergency, she salled for help with her Emergency Watch.

Pamela Arnaud

After an accident, she called for help with her Limmex Watch.

The Limmex Emergency Watch offers security to Mrs and Mr Schenker.

Marie-Theres and Hans Schenker

Mrs Schenker broke her arm when she fell. Since then, Limmex gives her safety.

Senior Verena Meschberger tells why she feels safer with the Limmex emergency watch.

Verena Meschberger

Retired, Allschwil/BL, Switzerland

Verena Meschberger is far away from retirement: shortly after the interview she travelled to the North Pole.

Dr. Daniel Grob explains how many injuries to seniors caused by falls could be prevented with the Limmex emergency watch.

Daniel Grob

Chief physician and medical director, Waidspital Zurich

Approx. one third of all people over the age of 65 suffer a fall each year. In these cases immediate support is essential for the ensuing return to health.

Professor François Höpflinger explains why the mobility of elderly persons has increased tremendously and how the Limmex emergency watch helps to increase the subjective perception of security by seniors.

Francois Höpflinger

Professor of Sociology, University of Zurich

The mobility of elderly persons has increased tremendously. The subjective perception of security plays an important role with elderly persons.

Magi Pfister, the former head of emergency calls for the Swiss Red Cross Zurich, understands the requirements of seniors very well.

Magi Pfister

Former head of emergency call for the Swiss Red Cross, Zurich

Magi Pfister understands the requirements of many elderly persons. Since she retired she has been working in the Limmex team.