Limmex Emergency Watch for children

There is nothing more important to parents than the safety of their children. However, we also do not like to constantly control or even impose ourselves on them.

With a Limmex Watch your child can decide at any time when someone should be contacted. And the parents can decide what will happen at the push of the button: A call to the mother? To the father? To siblings? To the grandparents? Or to all of them, one after the other until someone answers to find out what the child requires.


Incidence of injuries to children

According to the Swiss national office of statistics (2010) approx. 12,000 children per year receive stationary treatment as a result of injury.

Location and cause of injuries

According to a German study (Elsässer, 2010) most school children between the ages of 5-14 injure themselves whilst playing, during sporting activities or generally in their free time. The most common types of injury to children result from falls.

Children affected by violence

"Exposure to violence is a national crisis that affects approximately two out of every three of our children. Of the 76 million children currently residing in the United States, an estimated 46 million can expect to have their lives touched by violence, crime, abuse, and psychological trauma this year." (Report of the Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence, 2012)

Injuries of children treated in Emergency Departments

"During 2010, there were approximately 128.9 million visits to hospital-affiliated EDs in the United States. Children constituted one-fith of these visits, in 2010, there were over 25.5. million ED visits for children younger than 18 years." (Wier, et al., Agency for Healthcare, 2013)