The Limmex emergency watch is suitable for all outdoor or extreme sports.

Limmex Emergency Watch for sportswomen and sportsmen

Are you a passionate horse rider? Do you like to go jogging far-off into nature? Are mountain bike tours your thing? Or do you prefer a comfortable stroll with a picnic? Limmex gives you security in whatever you prefer to do.

More than 40% of the Swiss population carry out several hours of sporting activity more than once per week. The most popular are individual sports such as bike riding, mountain biking or walking; these normally take place outdoors and often alone. During these activities more than 370,000 people in Switzerland get injured every year.

Limmex offers you security during the activities you love most. It is good to know that at the push of a button you can be directly connected to your family members.

Interviews Users

Horse rider Liliane Schley explains why she's glad that in an emergency she can rely on her Limmex emergency watch.

Liliane Schley

Horse rider, Zurich, Switzerland

As a passionate horse rider Liliane Schley is often out in nature with her horse. In this interview you can find out what a role Limmex plays in this activity.

Mountain biker Reto Jud knows that security plays an important role. That’s why he wears a Limmex emergency watch.

Reto Jud

Mountainbiker, Zurich, Switzerland

After a bad accident, safety suddenly became a key issue for Reto Jud. In this interview he explains why.