Partner organisations

Limmex can count on the engaged support of various partners. Some of them can be found in the list below:

We maintain a close partnership with Swisscom. In addition to the delivery of SIM chips, Limmex also benefits from Swisscom's technical know-how for the development of the Limmex Watch. Furthermore, Limmex Watches are available at major Swisscom Shops and Post offices.

Christ Uhren & Schmuck is the leading watch and jewelry chain in Switzerland.

For the Hirslanden Group, the biggest group of hospitals in Switzerland, Limmex is a very promising device for post-stationary patients. What is decisive is in particular that the wide offer of attractive watches is not recognised as medical aids.

User of the Limmex Watches can directly speak to the emergency call centre of the Swiss Red Cross (SRK). The SRK is active all over Switzerland and offers its emergency service for more than 30 years.

Deutsche Telekom is – with more than 129 Million mobile customers and nearly 34 Million fixed lines and 17 Million broadband connections – one of the leading integrated telecommunications company worldwide. Deutsche Telekom is represented in about 50 countries and employs more than 235'000 employees worldwide. Limmex has a close partnership with Deutsche Telekom in the areas of marketing, distribution (see webshop) and technology.

The German Red Cross (DRK) is – with about 3.5 Million members and 400'000 volunteers – one of the largest national aid organizations. It is heavily engaged in welfare and social work. E.g. DRK runs about 500 homes for senior citizens, 500 mobile nursing services and almost as many emergency call services in Germany. With more than 170'000 customers, DRK is the leading provider of emergency call systems in Germany. Limmex cooperates with DRK in distribution as well as in operation of the emergency call centers or rather in professional emergency management.

The initial impetus for Limmex came from the City of Zurich: A city councillor mentioned to the founders that a discreet emergency call system would be of considerable use for elderly people in the city of Zurich. «Limmex» is the consequence of these inputs and its name is also derived from the city at the Limmat. Since then various authorities in the city of Zurich, from city doctors to the Waid Hospital have contributed in the success of Limmex.

The Hatt-Bucher-Foundation which is involved with supporting people in individual cases and with project development in the elderly people segment provided financial support for the development of the first Limmex prototype. Without this initial assistance, Limmex would not exist today.

Limmex has the potential to increase the quality of life for epilepsy patients. Till now there has been no emergency call system which could really fulfill these requirements. Limmex has greatly profited during the development phase from valuable inputs provided by the Swiss Epilepsy Center.

The Age-Foundation supports projects which improve the quality of life for elderly persons. The foundation already supported Limmex when the idea only existed on paper. Without this initial support, Limmex would not exist today.

Limmex can be a valuable instrument for people with MS. The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Association supported Limmex at an early stage in the project development.

Motcom is the leading provider in Switzerland of security and communications solutions in the professional area. Their clients are large companies, security services, public facilities and much more. Limmex has succeeded in being accepted in the exclusive product range of Motcom.

Pro Senectute is the leading senior citizens organisation in Switzerland and was already involved during the early development of Limmex. Limmex received valuable input from the national level as well as from the cantonal associations as to how Limmex could achieve the maximum benefits for old people.

In consideration of the level of danger of falls from rheumatic and osteoporosis patients, Limmex has received from the start support from the Rheumatic League of Zurich. The league has been a competence centre for all issues regarding the locomotor system.

After a hospital stay at the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, patients can obtain a Limmex watch from social services. Particularly in the orthopedic area, Limmex is attested to be of great benefit.

focusALTER GmbH provides Limmex, in a client relationship professional gerontological knowledge, as well as access to the world of Swiss senior citizens organisations. The employees of this consulting company are very familiar with the various living situations of elderly people; they stand with confidence behind the Limmex products and recommend their employment. (seniorsathome) is one of the leading Swiss organisations in the sector of taking care and supporting of senior citizens. The aim is to increase independency, flexibility and self-determination of elderly persons. To achieve this aim the organisation also uses Limmex Emergency Watches.

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