Limmex, an innovative Swiss company

What does Limmex do?

Limmex develops, produces and markets solutions for personal safety. By developing the Limmex Emergency Watch the company launched a revolutionary world debut.

The vision of Limmex is to guarantee optimal support for people who are in an emergency. It should be simple, independent of location and take place in a discrete manner. In this way deaths and injuries can be avoided and the quality of life for a large number of people can be improved.

To achieve this vision, Limmex connects the finest tradition of Swiss watchmakers’ art with innovative communication and security technology.

There is nothing more difficult than the development of a simple product.

There is a lot of complex technology within the Limmex Watch. When the client does not notice this at all, then Limmex has achieved its target.

Of course, we could talk for hours about the miniaturising of efficient antennas, about redundancy concepts to increase security, about VoIP applications in an international environment, about highly miniaturised feedback-free acoustic systems, about ultra-low power management and about the challenges of building high-tech functionality into a traditional Swiss watch. However, is this of any interest to our clients? All that they really want is security ensured at the push of a button. And the certainty that there are experts with Limmex who understand their business.

Anchorage in Switzerland

The Limmex Emergency Watches are manufactured in the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

Switzerland with its watch making tradition, leading research centers and enormous know-how in miniaturisation of electronics, offers the ideal preconditions for Limmex. The development and marketing of Limmex is situated in the heart of the city of Zurich. The production is located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Leading partners backing the company

Both established institutional investors such as the Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB) as well as well-known private investors such as Andy Rihs stand behind Limmex.

With a powerful team and experienced investors at their side, Limmex has within a short period of time succeeded in building partnerships with leading companies and organisations such as the watch and jewelry chain Christ, Deutsche Telekom, German Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross and the Swiss Swisscom as well as the hospital group Hirslanden Group. Furthermore, Limmex is currently establishing further partnerships all over the world.

Limmex takes on responsibility

People and their needs and wishes are always the central focus of every product development. The development is not focused on what is technically possible but instead on increasing the quality of life of future clients.

This attitude also influences the work within the team: Limmex has a horizontal organisation which offers the greatest possible amount of flexibility in relation to working hours and location and encourages diversity. The reason: Only motivated and satisfied employees will reach the highest levels of performance. It is exactly these people which Limmex requires in order to reach their ambitious future plans.


Andy Rihs is a member of the Board of Directors at Limmex. He invested very early in the Limmex emergency watch.

Andy Rihs

Entrepreneur, Member of the Board of Directors - Limmex

The great potential of the Limmex technology convinced Andy Rihs to commit himself to Limmex. Andy Rihs is the long term CEO and President of the Board of Directors of the worldwide leading hearing aid manufacturer Phonak/Sonova.

The Limmex Emergency Watch is manufactured according to the Swiss watchmaker’s art.  It meets the highest quality standards.

Watch manufactory

The Limmex Emergency Watches are manufactured in the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

The electronics and the movement are produced by leading Swiss companies. The watches are produced and thoroughly tested in the western part of Switzerland.

We are hiring: Senior Software Engineer (80-100%, m/f)

For the division Research & Development in Zurich we are seeking for an ambitious personality to maintain and extend the Limmex Cloud. We offer a fixed position as Senior Software Engineer.

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