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Why do I need an emergency watch if I already have a mobile phone?
Can I use the Limmex Watch also for normal telephone calls?
How good is the voice quality of the Limmex Watch?
Do I require a mobile phone subscription for the Limmex Emergency Watch?
Who should be called in case of an emergency?
Does the health insurance company participate in the cost of the Limmex emergency watch?


Where does the Limmex Watch work?
How frequent are false alarms?
Can I call the Limmex Emergency Watch?
What should I do if my watch does not work?


Is it possible to locate the Limmex Watch?
How long does it take for the receiver of the emergency call to receive an SMS?
What happens when the receiver of the emergency call cannot or has not received an SMS?
The receiver of the emergency call cannot open the link in the SMS.

Other considerations

Changing the strap.
Is the watch rechargeable?
What is the size of the new Limmex Watch?
Could the released GSM-radiation be harmful?
Is the Limmex Watch waterproof?


User Manual Emergency Watch
User Manual Feelsafe
User Manual Staysafe
Activation manual (de, fr, it)
Terms and conditions (de)
Order Form (de)
Subscription Contract
CE - Declaration of conformity Limmex Watch
CE - Declaration of conformity Limmex FEELSAFE


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