Care Basic
Your benefits
The alarm is sent directly to your predefined contacts. You can define one to five numbers that will be called one after the other in an emergency.

Suitable for
Active and independent persons with a close network of relatives and/or neighbours who can be on site quickly if necessary.


Yearly - 1 month free All CHF 319.-
Every 3 months All CHF 87.-

Contact Persons

1-5 Contact persons can be configured. These are called in case of emergency one after the other.


In the case of an alarm, the position of the watch user is sent by SMS to the contact persons.

Call Costs

Max. 60 minutes per quarter.

Sim Card

The watch has a built-in SIM card.

Network Coverage

The watch works within Switzerland and the EU.

If you have any questions, we will be pleased to advise you personally on the phone