Limmex Care Basic

The Care Basic subscription allows to store 1-5 contact persons. In case of an emergency one after the other is called until a contact person takes the alert. The one that picks up first will organize help.

Yearly - 1 month free CHF319.-
Every 3 months CHF87.-
Pay with invoice or credit card Credit card

Contact Persons

1-5 Contact persons can be configured. These are called in case of emergency one after the other.


In the case of an alarm, the position of the watch user is sent by SMS to the contact persons.

Call Costs

Max. 60 minutes per quarter.

Sim Card

The watch has a built-in SIM card.

Network Coverage

The watch works within Switzerland and the EU.


«The Limmex Emergency Watch is a reliable and safe companion in any situation.»

Heinz Frei

15 times Paralympic winner and sports legend