Swiss Smart Security

Our aim is to support people to live a self-determined and safe life.
What does Limmex do?

Limmex is a Swiss company that markets solutions for personal safety. In 2011 Limmex launched the Limmex Emergency Watch – a world debut. Now, in 2017 the new generation of the Emergency Watch is available.

Our products meet the needs of people with a desire for more security. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our customers and to give them peace of mind.

Leading partners backing the company

Both established institutional investors such as the Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB) as well as well-known private investors such as Andy Rihs stand behind Limmex.

With a powerful team and experienced investors at their side, Limmex has within a short period of time succeeded in building partnerships with leading companies and organizations.


Heinz Rutishauser

Managing Director

Susanne Kreuzer

Head of Operations

Jérôme Vercoutere

Product Manager

Francesco Petriello

Sales Manager

Emre Akdi

Customer & Project Manager

Patrizia Malpezzi


Gladys Boulos

Customer Service


«The Limmex Emergency Watch is a reliable and safe companion in any situation.»

Heinz Frei

15 times Paralympic winner and sports legend



The Swiss Working Group on Aid for the Handicapped and the Aged (SAHB) is an independent center for obstacle-free and independent living. They advise disabled and elderly people and their caregivers and help them to find the right tools.


Epi-Suisse is the patient organization for people with epilepsy. Concerned patients benefit from the Limmex Emergency Watch during a seizure to quickly and easily contact relatives. Epi-Suisse offers counseling, information, courses and further education, holidays and leisure activities as well as self-help and exchange throughout Switzerland.

World Demographic and Ageing Forum

The WDA Forum was founded in St. Gallen in 2002 and since then has acted as a platform and think tank for the global coordination of activities and initiatives resulting from demographic challenges. Demographic change will develop an unprecedented dynamic in the 21st century. Life expectancy, birth rates and migration are parameters which should not be underestimated, and which shape the social, economic, ecological and political developments of nations and continents.

Rent a Rentner

Rent a Rentner is the largest Swiss online platform for renting pensioners. And vice-versa. No matter what: for dogsitting, to install a lamp or a picture, as a gardener, for your tax declarations or to take care of your pets during your holidays. So simple, so fast, so good! Who invented it? We did!

The national trade fair Messe Zukunft Alter

The national trade fair ZUKUNFT ALTER has developed into an important, valuable and sought-after consulting and networking platform for the entire Swiss region. It will once again take place from 8 to 10 November 2019, offering loads of information, products, and services. The trade fair hinges on three important pillars: THE EXHIBITORS! More than 150 exhibitors, co-exhibitors and industry partners will present their products and services. THE PRESENTATIONS! Again, more than 100 presentations will be given this year, as well as podium events and talks on all aspects of age. ENTERTAINMENT! The special highlight in 2019: Enjoy a soupcon of Mozart at the concert performed at the KKL (Sunday, 5 p.m.), with an introduction to the Coronation Mass, followed by delicious Viennese cuisine (Saturday, 6 p.m.).


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